Johnson Orchid

London artist Johnson Orchid has unveiled his brand new single “Girl” which was premiered on SBTV. Being produced by Mikey (SOS) who’s responsible for Wretch32’s smash hit “6 Words” this new track is an excellent throw back to 90's UK Garage and R&B.

“Based on what we all seem to do without knowing - bringing past relationships and baggage into new ones, whether it be insecurities, trust issues, or a broken heart, and having it affect our current relationships”

Martel B

MartelB is an Afro-Pop/ Afro Hip-Hop Solo artist emerging out of the UK scene. He has single handedly managed to create his individual niche in the Afro Music Industry, with the partnership of his management Donald Sagsco. Martel B has a very distinctive style, which sets him apart from other AfroPop/R&B singers within the music scene in the UK.

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